Apple Watch OS 4.3

The most recent software update  to the Apple Watch, Watch OS 4.3 brings a few minor visual changes and revives a convinient feature that was previously removed for unknown reasons.

1. Updated Charging Watch Face

Apple Watch Face Portrait Charging
Portrait mode charging face.

Apple previously only had  a large digital face, while the watch was charging sitting sideways in a landscape position. The watch now, will automatically give you large portrait or landscape numbers while charging, depending on the orientation of the watch.  These digital numbers are also larger, which will help if you look at your watch first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night.

2. Siri Watch Face with Activity Rings

Apple Watch Activity Rings
Activity Rings.

The Siri watch face which was introduced in Watch OS 4 brings in multiple data points in one watch face, including appointments, weather, Apple Music playlists,  and sunset/sunrise times. As part of this recent update, Activity Rings have finally made their way to the Siri watch face. Personally the addition of Activity Rings has made this my primary watch face. I found myself constantly switching back and forth between the Siri watch face and another face that inlcuded Activity Rings before this update.  I can finally see my current daily activity status, in addition to upcoming meetings all in one place.

3. Music Controls are back!

Apple Watch Music
Apple Watch Music Controls

For some strange reason, Apple removed the ability to remotely start music initiated from your Apple Watch. Maybe the removal of this feature was to discourage people playing music remotely from another room and claim a ghost started that Taylor Swift playlist. Either way, this feature is back and I couldn’t be more happy. The times I am  away from my phone inside my house, and wanting to listen to some music, now I can just start up the Music app on my Watch and start playing music on my iPhone or even to a remote bluetooth speaker via AirPlay.

4. Updated Animations & Icons

Spinning Animation
Unlock Icon

A few smaller updates as part of Watch OS 4.3 include a spinning icon when launching an application from the watch. In addition a large unlocked lock appears on your watch when it automatically unlocks an authorized MacBook close by. I find this last animation helpful as sometimes around the office, if I walk by my MacBook after I locked it at my desk I get a visual cue and vibration to alert me that my MacBook unlocked itself!

As this was a minor version update from Apple for Watch OS 4, there were not major enhancements with this release, but still a few that I wanted to touch on. What are your favourites? Let me know!