Logitech MK235 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

The Logitech MK235 keyboard and mouse set is a cheap, durable, wireless and surprisingly enjoyable package to use. The box includes the Logitech K235 keyboard and the M170 mouse, sold separately these would total over $40, but can be bought together for $29.99 CAD.

The M170 mouse is smaller than a traditional desktop mouse but still larger than a mobile mouse. It contains features that more expensive mice in the Logitech lineup would have including, a rubber scroll wheel and textured grip encompassing the base.


You can comfortably hold the mouse in the palm of your hand and move it around with ease thanks to its ideal form factor. In addition, the left and right buttons have a crisp and responsive feel.

At times the M170’s low (1000 DPI) accuracy configuration led a somewhat floaty feel and less than ideal clicks on screen. Moving a slider to an exact location or even closing a window at times needed a bit more concentration to get the appropriate result.

The MK235 is the better product of the duo including a full number pad and secondary function buttons running the top of the keyboard.IMG_3261The look and feel of the keys are the real attraction here. The keys appear to be oversized with large rounded bevelled edges that offer a tactile feel (given the minimal height) but yet a quiet response when released. They keys are basically close to flat without much space between each of them. This unique look gives the keyboard and appearance of one solid skinny piece of plastic when viewed from afar. The keyboard is light in weight, but yet feels sturdy, there would be no issue using this as your main keyboard in the office. The keyboard does offers 12 function buttons which can perform various tasks including volume controls, starting an e-mail client, launching a media player client and even jumping to an internet browser session.
Given the price point of the keyboard itself, there are several nice-to-have features that are missing. There is no light for when numlock is enabled, a function key lock or backlit keys. I would have appreciated dedicated volume buttons, as holding function and then pressing a volume up/down button can be clunky. There is an unused key space above the insert/home/page keys that could have been used for dedicated volume buttons, but these features may be reserved for more expensive keyboards in the Logitech lineup.



The MK235 set can easily replace the OEM keyboard and mouse you get with a boxed computer from Dell or Lenovo. This is not a flashy combo, but will be reliable enough as your daily driver in the office. One amazing feature that may be overlooked is the offering of water resistance with drain holes at the bottom of the keyboard (for when you spill that morning coffee!). For additional customization users can download the Logitech Setpoint software which can provide numlock notification, battery status and function button customization.